Blood Mysteries Workshop

Tuesday 5/11 6.30 – 9 PM GMT+2 zoom

This powerful online masterclass invites into the mysteries, magic and wisdom of Women's Monthly Blood. 

Dissolve wounding, shame, and negative patterns around your female body, womb, and blood. Give your feminine wings to reclaim your sacred, wild, innocent body and power. The Magic of our Blood Mysteries sings in me sister, and I sing to you in remembrance.

 Will you remember with me?

Come! Enter Our Blood Mysteries Temple! Let us remember together the power we hold in our blood, our womb, and our sacred feminine body. 

€ 35 


Thursday 5/20 6.30 – 9 PM GMT +2 

Pack of two workshops

Welcome to the Jade Temple. Do you want to:

Awaken your sensuality and passion and feel alive like never before?
Experience deep orgasms — and not only the clitoral ones?
Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for a healthy, strong and sensual yoni?
Or maybe the opposite — loosen her up, release the negative blockages and open the doors to healing?
Reconnect with yourself and start the journey toward self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love?
Finally learn how to safely and comfortably use that beautiful Yoni Egg that has been gathering dust on your bedside table?

If you said YES to at least one of them, than this masterclass is for YOU!

Jade Egg Priestess

 € 35 

The Art of
Womb Steaming

This ritual nourishes and restores balance in the vagina, vulva, womb, and entire pelvic region.

 It is an empowering self care practice that offers our womb exactly what she needs - space and time to relax, release and come back to herself.

The practice involves sitting over a pot of herbal infused steam, and allowing the volatile oils and warmth to permeate the perineum, bringing warmth, stimulation and a sense of deep unwind to this often very tense part of a woman’s body.

In this masterclass you will learn how to create the perfect herbal formula for your womb, how to set up the place (with/ without steaming sauna), and how to perform this ritual for yourself..

€ 35 

Pack of all three workshops

55 EUR

75 EUR

70 EUR

105 EUR

See you in temple!

Tuesday 5/50 6.30 – 9 PM GMT +2