A yoga teacher since 2013. Deeply passionate about life, love, health and conscious evolution, I am merging the Yogic, Ayurvedic and Tantric paths with lots of devotion. Trained in numerous healing and therapy modalities though I feel my strongest calling towards offering Women Wellness Therapy.  I facilitate women’s only retreats and training's in various locations around the world for women who are ready to evolve towards their fullest potential, life force and ecstatic embodiment. 




  This 24 min heart-centered and grounding Yoga Nidra was recorded in Ibiza in March 2020 as a response to the fear and anxiety surrounding the corona virus outbreak. The theme is alchemising fear to turn it into infinite love. During this Nidra you can enjoy the sounds of koshi bells, a shamanic drum and a hokema. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this divine practice and to be able to share it with others. Enjoy!


"big calm"



    The menstrual cycle is a normal, vital and vitally important process in a woman, and a healthy menstrual cycle is a sign that your overall health is good. Treating the cycle as the enemy is one of the key causes of menstrual suffering in fact, making sure your cycle is happy is the number one practice for any woman wanting to feel well and on top of her game!  

  In this e-book, I've brought together my top resources, practical tips, links, tools, specialized dietary guidelines and accessible rituals to support you in naturally balancing your hormones and harnessing the power of each phase.


 No matter what your previous experience of menstruation is, we believe that you have the power to transform your relationship to your cycle – and this book will show you how.


you're suffering from menstrual pain or irregular periods and want to learn to heal those naturally

 or you're wanting to explore more about your feminine power, and the consciousness of the menstrual cycle

 or perhaps you're having fertility problems

Then “Blood Sisters” e-book is for you!

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