Every day 800,000,000 women menstruate. Yet menstruation is still seen by many as a mark of shame. We are told not to discuss it in public, that tampons and sanitary pads should be hidden away, the blood rendered invisible. In many parts of the world, poverty, culture, and religion collide, causing the taboo around menstruation to have grave consequences.  

 But do you know that menstruation was once revered for its sacred power. It was understood that it helped women to deepen their insight  and wisdom. Every time a woman menstruates she has the opportunity to develop greater self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

 Drawing on information from several cultural traditions as goddess tradition, Mayan midwives, Tibetan Buddhism, Red Tent movement as well as from my own and those of other women, I am going to shows how your period can become a time of emotional deepening and physical renewal during which you can tap into inner wisdom.


Launching in MAY, 2020

 By examining the history of period shame and stigma and its effects on women’s health and wellness today I am providing a crash course in menstrual self-care! This course  aims to lift the veil on menstruation, breaking the "curse" once and for all.

 Are you ready to join me and shine light on menstrual education that you never received when you were younger?


• Reflection on your current experience with menstruation and the messages you received growing up about your cycle and being a woman
• In depth study of the 4 seasons of the menstrual cycle
• Charting your cycle to fully understand each of your four inner seasons
• Nourishing food recipes and shopping list for each phase
• Empowering rituals for each phase of the cycle
• Lifestyle guidance around work and rest, sexuality and creativity
• Recovering a deep-felt sense of worthiness and empowerment in your being as a woman.
• Easing premenstrual mood swings naturally
• Balancing your energies to become more creative, productive and effective in the world
• Sanitary wear suggestions
• Yoni egg and breast massage practices to activate sexuality and ease period pain
• Herbal Healing, V-steaming + herbal formulas
• How to create a plan to implement these changes in your life!
• How to lead Red Tent women's circle and share what you learned in this course?
• Bonus: When you join up, you’ll receive get access to our private online community of like-minded women.

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8 am -9.30 am

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