I was called to work with women 5 years ago, when I went to my first women's circle in Thailand and began to explore women's wellness, power of sisterhood and ceremony.

I was teaching yoga for 8 years but woman's well-being practices was a real homecoming. As I immersed myself in studying different traditions, I found a deep sense of connection with Tantra, Feminine Dao, Woman's Yoga and Jung's Female Archetypes. 

Goddess inspired me to begin to love myself as a woman, rather than trying to be more like a male God. I was thirsty for more!

In time I found teachers to guide me, and I was "drafted" to teach by sheer number of women who kept coming to me, asking to learn. As women we crave a female reflection of the Divine and a spirituality that empowers us to connect to our natural gifts of intuition, sexuality, healing and building community. 

After the 3 years of intense study I was able to integrate womb yoga, feminine archetypes and female tantra/dao practices into my everyday life. And I began teaching women  this blend of Indian, Pagan, Jung's and Chinese philosophy and European goddess spirituality to empower them  to create positive change in their lives. 

And wow, did it work. In the first year I witnesses women blossoming like wildflowers after the spring rains. 


I do not pretend to be enlightened, spiritually advanced, or complete in my  learning. I consider myself a fabulous work in progress.

I am a woman, like you, learning, growing, laughing, and crying. I make mistakes. I step on people's toes. I get caught in fear and self-doubt. I still take things personally. sometimes I feel invincible, sometimes I feel fragile and vulnerable. I honor and cherish all these parts of myself - even the ones I don't like so much.

I hope after meeting with me, you will also love your mistakes, laugh at your fears, have faith in yourself, and feel the rich support. 

I would be excited to be on this journey with you, a journey of claiming your power and embracing your divine feminine goddess greatness. 



guiding you to inner balance

A stressful lifestyle makes it hard to keep up with career, social life, family and travel while having time for self-care and healthy routines. I work with women from all backgrounds that like you, have busy lives and big dreams. Women that are ready to show up and courageously identify the areas that might not be working out as they wish, so they can then work towards replacing these with a sustainable lifestyle rooted in mind-body-spirit wellness.

My approach to wellness is holistic and centers on the whole you. There is no one-size fits all so my coaching is tailored just for you. We will first cover topics such as your relationships, career, exercise and spirituality; and second, assess your diet. My coaching facilitates a safe space for healing, self-discovery and transformation. Empowering you with the skills to pursue your careers and dreams, while living a healthy and balanced life. 


• Bachelor degree in tourism animation and sport recreation, LITHUANIA
• yoga therapy 200 HOUR teacher training, india
• ayurvedic Massage COURSE, India
• thai massage course, THAILAND 
• women's yoga therapy teacher training, Portugal
• yoga nidra foundATION COURSE, HOLLAND
• vaginal steam facilitator certification
• Tantra for couples, CzECh REPUBLIC (in progress) 

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virtual new moon womAn's circleS

jUNE 21, 2020 7 pm-9pm (uk)  
july 20,2020 7 pm-9pm (uk)
august 18,2020 7 pm-9pm (uk)

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beach yoga

saturdays,cala tarida, ibiza
8 am -9.30 am

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