New Moon Wishing Step-By-Step

 When you align with the New Moon to make your wishes, you are activating what the New Age teacher Deepak Chopra calls The Low of Intention and Desire, which states that the future is created in the present. There are lots of people who would try to argue against astrology, but even they would agree with Chopra’s concept. I believe that the New Moon is a really wonderful marker that comes once a month to remind us that it’s time to get back in alignment with our desires and intentions. New Moon manifesting reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals once a month – and write them down. I like to call this process “making my New Moon wishes”. However, some people find the idea of “making wishes” a bit childish, and prefer to say they are “setting intentions”- which sound more adult and business like. The label you give to your New Moon manifesting aren’t really important. The secret to making wishes or setting intentions is to ensure that they come from the hearth, and that you feel them as if they’ve already happened.
1. Take a moment to feel gratitude for all that’s good in your life. Then think about the people and situations that make you happiest. Write down the 5-10 people or things that make you happy and / or for which you’ve been grateful in the past month. Send love to all the people whose names appear on this list.
2. Play some lovely spiritual music. Light the candle or some incense. Calm and centre yourself by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths.
3. Decide on your Top 10 wishes and/ or intentions for the coming four weeks. Be as specific or as vague as you like. Also decide what you can commit doing in order to make your wishes come true.
4. Now write down your Top 10 wishes on a sheet of paper. You can paint them with the coloured pens as well. The more energy you invest in the process, the better your results are likely to be.
5. Next, read your wishes through, one by one. Then – and this is the crucial step – visualize each wish as having come true. Use your imagination. Really see it. See it happening in your imagination. Imagine the joy you would feel.
6. Look at each of your list, and then give it a mark out of 100, based on how likely it is to come true. Be really honest with yourself. The percentage you award to each wish is pretty much like likelihood of coming true. So if you give a wish of 60/100, it has around 60% chance in manifesting. If you give less than 50% to any of your wishes, those are the ones where you need to work extra hard on your beliefs.
7. Next go through each wish in turn and think about how you intend to make it happen. For example if your wish is to find a new job, your first step towards it that could be to look at the adverts on job sites.
8. Finally, meditate for 15 minutes. Release your dreams out into the Universe.
9. End your meditation by releasing the attachment to your wishes. Do this by saying: For the good of all or not at all! Or by chanting 3 times OM NAMO NARAYANI. Say it with a happy and confident flourish – feel as though it’s happening.
10. Get on with the rest of your week, safe in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your wishes to the Universe. Do everything you can to make them come true.
11. At the New Moon, look at your wish list from the previous month, read it over – to see which, if any came true – then thank the Universe.
When is the next New Moon? You can know exact time according to your country here:

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