Mirror Gazing

Scientists are finding that gazing at one’s reflection in the mirror without an agenda reduces stress, anxiety and depression and increases self-compassion.

Through mirror meditation, you come to realize that there is really no escape from yourself. If you do the mirror meditation regularly, you will confront yourself —your thoughts, emotions, hopes, and fears – seeing yourself actually experience these emotions can be incredibly transformative. You see your own joy and suffering and it evokes self-compassion. Love and attention to yourself help you flourish. Be who you are and be happy. A half hour mirror meditation will help you to get to know yourself.

Soul searching

Look yourself in the eyes. See yourself without distractions, pure and honest. Try not to blink too much and discover what happens. Can you simply look at yourself?
Breathe easily. Let your thoughts glide past and look at your reflection.
What does this do to you? Does it feel nice or uncomfortable?
Be conscious of the discomfort and judgement about yourself that might pop up.
In the end you’ll accept what you see.

According to Osho, after three weeks of daily mirror gazing there is nothing left to see. You’ll have accepted yourself the way you are. According to Dr. Well’s research, this technique of literal self-reflection is a quick and accessible practice for us to cultivate self-love and change our self-perception.

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