Flower – My Guru

Making time to notice a beautiful flower is a great way to notice the simple things in life that can impact your happiness.  I’ll bet you, I know what you are thinking? NO, I am not a crossover from the sixties, I enjoy nature and take advantage of what is given by nature. I love to smell the wild flowers or good quality essential oils… I am so happy when that they surround me, offer fragrant scents, beautiful views and make endearing gifts is simply only the beginning. For generations we offered them as sacrifices, gifts and have even borrowed them to demonstrate our condolences. But what flowers can teach us?

  A flower will never fail to present it’s healthy beautiful best appearance, especially is it has been well fed, watered or kept in temperatures conducive to its natural environment. Flowers never stop trying to be beautiful from the inside out and they always display their personal best assets for the world to enjoy. We are all flowers in different phases of existence. As a flower, you require peace, rest, and an appropriate vase to display your countenance. You decide if you are a beautiful red rose, romantic and expensive to maintain, a yellow rose, friendly, captivating and engaging, the tulip that sings to its own tune, the sunflower, although a loner, very competent and willing to grow with every lesson… Are you satisfied with the type of flower that your life represents?

Some flowers are brighter than others, but all of them are different, unique and part of our environment. You are the flower that decides when to relax and when to blossom… 

Rise Sister Rise!

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